About Fleur

"What The Journey really does is strip away the limitations and reveal the natural,
shining potential, the boundless joy, all-embracing love that is at our core."
Brandon Bays


Fleur Davies – Accredited Journey Practitioner

I originally trained as a nurse in the UK, moving to New Zealand with my husband and our two young children in the late 1980’s.

Having worked for many years with my husband in our family business, in 2005 I became seriously ill and was bedridden for 10 months. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Brandon Bays book 'The Journey', and after a number of Journey Processes with an Accredited Journey Practitioner my health dramatically improved.

I have been so impressed with how Journeywork has helped me regain my health, my joy of life, and also how it has helped others whom I have met through The Journey. I made the decision in 2008 to train as a Journey Practitioner so that I may introduce others to this profound healing work.



Fleur Davies, The Journey, Auckland

Fleur Davies – Accredited Journey Practitioner in Auckland

Fleur Davies, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Auckland. Phone - (09) 411 8407 : Mobile - 027-292-7520 : Email -